Drugs and Pharmaceuticals

Medical Research Terminology – What the Heck is an RCT, a Meta-analysis, a Systematic Review?

I have been reading an alarming book by Ben Goldacre, a British physician and journalist who writes a sometimes column for The Guardian called Bad Science, and has a website and a book with the same name.  He also has two Ted Talk videos that provide a lot of information very fast, unlike his books.
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How Long Is Too Long?

A new study from the University of California, San Francisco, reported in the New York Times by Catherine St Louis (Feb 5, 2014), suggests that obstetricians have been placing unrealistic limitations on the time a mother is allowed to push her baby out in the second stage of labor (the period after which the cervix
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Midwifery Practice

Law Grants Massachusetts Nurse-Midwives Authority to Write Prescriptions

BOSTON, MA, Feb 2, 2012 – Governor Deval Patrick signed a bill that expands the privileges and responsibilities of nurse-midwives. The governor has signed legislation that authorizes nurse-midwives to write drug prescriptions and order tests or therapeutics.   Patrick said the law will increase access to nurse-midwifery care for more women in Massachusetts. The law
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Midwives vs. Doctors in US Maternal Mortality Crisis

A journalist discusses the increasing number of midwife-attended births and the controversy around this as maternal mortality increases in the United States. Hannah Rubenstein’s interesting article about the increasing number of women seeking midwifery care and the controversy that this has engendered in the obstetric community as maternal mortality is increasing in the United States,
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A systematic review to be published in the September/October 2011 issue of Nursing Economic$ reports that care provided by certified nurse-midwives (CNMs) is associated with comparable or better outcomes than care managed exclusively by physicians. 18-YEAR REVIEW SHOWS OVERWHELMING EVIDENCE OF HIGH-QUALITY CARE OF CERTIFIED NURSE-MIDWIVES Silver Spring, MD – A systematic review published in
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As many midwives have found, a doula can be an invaluable resource to a laboring woman and to a new mother.  A doula is a professionally-trained supportive companion for a woman in labor.  Doulas do not have clinical training in medicine, midwifery, or nursing, but are trained to support and advocate for the pregnant and
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