Nancy Sullivan is the founder and editor of  She has been a certified nurse-midwife since 1983. 

Working for universal health care with HCAO

In 2001, Nancy retired from the faculty in the nurse-midwifery education program at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, Oregon. She developed a clinic for women with pelvic floor disorders, managed the postpartum and breastfeeding clinic, and worked at the Maternal Care Clinic providing prenatal care for  Providence Health System in Portland, retiring in December 2011.  For the past three years, she has gone to rural Nepal with One Heart World-wide to work with Nepali nurse trainers teaching community health nurses to be Skilled Birth Attendants.  She will be returning for six weeks this winter and plans to visit several of the village birth centers where these community health nurses have been working since completing their training.. Nancy holds a BA and an MA in English literature. She received her nursing degree at Cornell and her midwifery education at Columbia University. She is a fellow of the American College of Nurse-Midwives, and served two terms on  the ACNM Board of Directors. Her daughter Megan graduated from the midwifery program at OHSU and is practicing midwifery in Portland.

To contact Nancy, call 503-284-3771, or write to 1534 NE 26th Ave, Portland OR 97232