Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-NY)
is a strong promotor of breastfeeding and has sponsored a number of
legislative bills related to women’s rights to breastfeed.

In 1998, she introduced a comprehensive bill promoting breastfeeding and protecting women who choose to breastfeed. A provision of that bill, allowing states to spend more money on breastfeeding promotion and support through the Women, Infant, and Children (WIC) nutrition program, was enacted into law. In the words of Congresswoman Mahoney, "many women who have contacted my office on this issue have been fired or discriminated against for expressing milk during the day. Some have been harassed on the job, or had their pay docked because they used their regular breaks or lunchtime to pump milk. Some have purchased breastpumps that were painful, ineffective, or damaging. I am interested in hearing from you if you have experienced one of these situations.

"I have also heard from many employers who have had great success in opening ‘nursing mothers rooms.’ I am interested in hearing from companies that have put such a room in place.

"During the 106th Congress, I have introduced four individual bills on this subject.

"Thank you for your interest in this important issue. I am hopeful that public support for breastfeeding legislation will allow mothers who make the choice to breastfeed to be protected and supported when and if they return to the workplace."

If you are interested in supporting legislation related to breastfeeding, visit Congresswoman Maloney’s website at, and get involved by writing letters to your own congresspersons asking them to support breastfeeding legislation!