Babies should move at least 10 times every 12 hours. Most babies move much more often than that. Some even move hundreds of times each day. 

If you think your baby might not be moving enough, do the following: (1) drink 2 glasses of something right away – like water, juice, or milk; (2) eat if you have not eaten in the last 2 hours. Then, lie down and count how many times the baby moves in 1 hour. If the baby moves 5 times in an hour, or if the baby moves 5 times before the hour is over, you can stop. If the baby doesn’t move 5 times in an hour, call your midwife. She may ask you to go to the hospital for a test to make sure that the baby is OK, or she may come over to your house to check for herself. Remember that the baby should not stop moving when labor begins.