Dr. Alice Dreger writes in the April 2012 issue of The Atlantic, “If you look at scientific literature, you find over and over again that many interventions increase risk to mother and child instead of decreasing it.”

Dr Dreger states that, “Accordingto the best studies available, when it came time to birth at the end of my low-risk pregnancy, I should not have induction, nor an episiotomy, nor continuous monitoring of the baby’s heartbeat during labor, nor pain medications, and definitely not a c-section. I should give birth in the squatting position, and I should have a doula — a professional labor support person to talk to me throughout the birth.”

To read the complete article, go to the website at http://www.theatlantic.com/health/archive/2012/03/the-most-scientific-birth-is-often-the-least-technological-birth/254420/