From the Wisconsin Dairy Council

This is good news for me!  I have to admit, I hate skim milk or anything made from it, can barely abide 1%, and have settled on 2% as a compromise between what I love and what I have always believed is good for me.  A recent NPR story now tells me that, as far as dairy products are concerned, I may be able to have my cake and eat it too – that is, the tastiest may also be the most healthful.NPR reports on two studies from Europe, one looking at middle-aged men in Sweden and the other a meta-analysis of 16 observational studies.  Both seemed to show that eating high-fat dairy products is actually protective against obesity.

I am sure that these are not the last words on this subject, and they do seem counter-intuitive.  But I may feel a little less guilty when I use whole milk to make my yoghurt or top a slice of apple with a generous chunk of triple-creme cheese.  Yum!  Find the NPR story at the link below:


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