Almost any kind of sexual activity is all right in pregnancy if there are no problems and the mother-to-be (that’s you) wants to have it. Only blowing into the vagina of a pregnant woman is dangerous. It is OK to make love/have sex as long as it doesn’t cause you any pain or discomfort; you have no bleeding from the vagina; your bag of waters (amniotic sac) hasn’t broken; and labor hasn’t started. Sometimes couples are afraid that sex might hurt the unborn baby. They might also think that having sex is to noisy for the baby. If the baby moves while they are making love, some people think the baby doesn’t like what is happening. We can’t say for sure what the baby is thinking or feeling inside the uterus. But we do know that it is pretty noisy inside the womb already. The mother’s heart beats, food moves through her intestines, and air goes into her lungs. Think what it sounds like when she drinks a glass of water! As far as we know, if there are no problems and the mother-to-be is interested, making love during pregnancy is just fine.