For midwives and families preparing for an out-of-hospital birth, gathering the necessary equipment and supplies is crucial.

Visit Cascade Birthing Supply where you will find dopplers, fetoscopes, stethoscopes, scales, blood pressure units/digital units, diagnostic equipment, diagnostic tests, otoscopes/opthalmoscopes, Welch Allyn products, and infant measuring devices. While at their site, browse the Birth & Life Bookstore and Moonflower Natural Products.

Other sources for birthing kits and midwifery supplies are

  • Everything Birth where you can shop online by category for their products for moms, for midwives, for babies, and for birth; 
  • Birth with Love  which offers the Allen Series 10 Fetal Stethoscope (fetascope) as well as vitamins, herbs, and homeopathics.  The site is operated by a midwife who, after 20 years of active practice, has found this way to serve her sisters during her “twilight years.”
  • Baby Birth and Beyond has a custom birth kit service to make it easier for your clients to order the supplies that you would like them to have. This takes the pressure off of them having to hunt around for the correct items and less surprises for you when it’s time for the birth! It’s nice to have the right size and type of gloves, sterile bulb syringe, and other items that are hard to find locally. Email them with your list of items that you prefer and they will call you back with a quote. When 10 to 23 clients order your kit in a year, you receive a 5% discount on YOUR orders you place. 24 or more clients ordering your custom birth kit gives you a 10% discount! (case goods and birth kits are exempt from this offer.)
  • Childbirth Graphics has provided quality childbirth education materials to childbirth educators, midwives, lactation consultants, and other healthcare providers for over fifteen years. These materials cover the the birth process from preconception planning to postpartum as well as early childhood development and parenting. Every midwife who knows that one picture is worth 1000 words has some Childbirth Graphics materials handy for prenatal visits and childbirth education classes.  My cloth pelvis and baby doll from Childbirth Graphics are as well-used, loved, and worn as my son’s teddy bear.